To complete a construction project, the relevance between design idea and real execution plays a very important role. Therefore, all-in-one service is the ultimate choice for clients with these following advantages:


Faster implementation as the constructors thoroughly understand ideas of design.


Minimizing uncertainty situations by conducting careful site survey and detailed considerations/plans from the beginning of idea creation.


Quality is ensured when you have an experienced team who take full responsibility from designing stage to the end of the implementation.


Cost saving in management and work efficiency are made when being able to control all situations. Designing service is also free of charge when you sign the all-in-one service contract with INNO Interior.


With this advanced service, we aim to deliver the perfect spaces to our clients. Thank you for trusting and choosing INNO Interior!

To support customers in choosing the most suitable office, INNO Interior would be glad to provide you free consultancy and interior layout upon your requirements. Besides that, we also provide qualified interior design service (including 3D virtualization, furniture design, and technical design such as drawings of M&E, FFS, camera system, ceiling layout, partition details, etc.) in order to help clients to visualize the space, figure out volume of necessary work, and make ideas become reality. All designs will be discussed and edited until we get client’s satisfaction. A splendid and creative space will definitely bring you better life and higher productivity!






INNO Interior has accomplished sizable interior fit-out projects with high standard. Along with our workshops and experienced technical teams, we provide qualified interior product with competitive price.


In case of design already available and you are looking for an execution contractor, INNO Interior ensures to deliver the best solution of implementation that will serve your demands in progress, quality, & cost efficiency.


We provide both entire construction service and partial packages such as:

- Basic work package: installation of gypsum partition/ceiling, glass partition, floor, door, etc.

- Furniture package: table, chair, bed, cabinet, etc.

- M&E installation package: electricity, internet, telephone, access control, camera, fire fighting system, etc.

Along with our strength in office interior design and construction, INNO also provides other related services:

- Office renting consultance

- Site survey and project management consultance

- Office moving

- Site renovation